Welcome to the ATI Holidays Blog!

Welcome to our blog!  ATI offers personalized self-drive, fly-drive, and guided tours to Namibia and the rest of southern Africa. We bring unsurpassed local advice, efficient and professional service, and the most competitive prices for your tailor-made vacation.

Here you can read through our stories, news, and experiences from some of our favorite places in Namibia.

Wondering what it’s like to drive yourself through Namibia?  Check out our complete how-to driving guide.  Have other questions about travel to Namibia and southern Africa?  Consult the FAQ section.  You can also scroll through our image gallery, learn about the different countries we book tours to, and read a few testimonials from past clients.

Done reading and ready to learn more about our itineraries? Click “Enquire Now” to access our main website.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to drop us a line!


(photo courtesy of Mariette du Toit)


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the ATI Holidays Blog!

  1. Robert VanDragt

    We are interested in spending a month traveling Namibia and Botswana, driving ourselves in a hired 4wd vehicle and staying in recommended lodges. What are your recommended itineraries and costs. My wife and I would like to see as much wildlife as possible. Thank you.

    Bob VanDragt

  2. Good Morning Robert – do you have an e-mail address where we can contact you and send through some suggestions? Alternatively could you please e-mail us on: info@infotour-africa.com
    Many Thanks!
    ATI Holidays

  3. Johne760

    I loved your blog article. Really Cool. ecgdacecaaec

  4. Ginny

    Hello, I am interested in when are the school holidays this March – May 2015. I hear that accomodations get tight and prices go up. Would you kindly advise the best times to avoid this. Thank you

    • Hi Ginny!
      Thank you for your post – the government schools in Namibia have holidays from 17th April – 18th May 2015. The private schools will be within a day or two of that as well.

      Low season in Namibia runs from November to June and high season from July to October.
      School holidays do not affect the pricing of the accommodation establishments and generally do not pose a problem for availability either.

      If you are interested please do contact us at: info@infotour-africa.com
      Many Thanks!

      • gbaresch

        Thanks Margo – we are interested in a self drive from Windhoek to Botswana through the Okavango Delta. We would like to take our time – 10 days and stay in Lodges. There will be four of us. Thanks for your assistance.

      • Hi Ginny,
        Could I please ask you to mail that request through to us at: info@infotour-africa.com
        then we can mail you directly with a quotation
        Thanks – and look forward to hearing from you

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